Featured Work

Project Getaway

In 2012 I was invited to cover Project Getaway 2013 on Koh Tao in Thailand. The assignment consisted in producing photographs of the month long event both above and under water. Project Getaway is where adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in inspiring locations around the world. Is not just an event, but a complete experience. It’s geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take the leap towards a deeply satisfying location independent lifestyle, where success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.

It was a challenging task with daily delivery of images ranging form underwater photography to conceptual images, portraits, situation pictures,  and time-lapse photography. A selection of the images can be seen in my portfolio.

You can read more about Project Getaway on the official website: www.projectgetaway.com

WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving

For a long time Toni Dobrzanski from SoundComposer and I were asking our selves why the internet did not have any videos of freediving as an emotional experience – something like ‘Le Grand Bleu’ by Luc Besson. Every clip on YouTube had something to do with a stop watch or a long rope. Suddenly Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier emerged with their film ‘Free Fall’. Their film managed to show freediving from a totally new perspective and give the world something never seen before. To us Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier have started a new short film genre from a freediver’s perspective. We wish to contribute to this genre with our film.
’WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving’ is filmed and produced by me in Dahab, Egypt, January-February 2011. The five hours of footage has been shot solely on breath hold. The deepest filming was done on 20 meters depth and no single clip was longer than 1.5 minutes. I am not a world champion freediver but I love freediving.

September 2012 WEIGHTLESS – Emotional Freediving won the award “Best Shortfilm” at BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey. In the end of April 2013 the film reached 300,000 views on YouTube.

You can read more about the project on our Weightless Emotions page: www.WeightlessEmotions.com 

WWF 1001 In Indonesia 2010

In 2010 I joined the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF on a journey to Indonesia. The participants was a selection of nature and conservation aware WWF supporters all members of the 1001 department. We where so fortunate to have President of WWF Denmark H.R.H Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark participating.

The objective of the journey was to see WWF’s conservation an restoration projects in Indonesia as protecting turtle nesting areas,  replanting of forest in Sebangau National Park and Nyaru Menteng Care Center for orangutans in Kalimantan (Borneo).

4 Themes in Copehagen


In the spring 2009 Wakeup Hotel Copehagen was beginning to take shape. The restaurant have a 40 meters long white wall and decoration was needed for the impressive room. I was asked if I could come up with some ideas and found 4 themes that I consider distinctive about Copenhagen: Bikes, Green Environment, Water Surroundings and the historic Copper Spikes of the Skyline. The Project ended up with 18 images divided between the 4 themes one for each segment of the wall. The images measure 1 * 1,5 meters and is printed on canvas.

The end result brings a lot of warmth, depth and colors to the restaurant and at the same time giving the many mainly foreign visitors an insight to the city.

The images can be seen in my portfolio and in the Wakeup Copenhagen restaurant on Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11, 1577 København V.